Cover of The Looking Glass


Alice Montgomery is enjoying a long-deserved vacation with her family when things start to get strange. One minute she’s swimming with her brother; the next, she’s waking up in the hotel lobby with no clue how she got there. When she realizes that the hotel is completely empty, the doors don’t work, and the windows are fogged over, she starts to get worried. When she looks into a mirror, she sees her body being rushed to the hospital. Trapped, alone, and only able to see the real hotel through the mirrors, Alice realizes that the place she’s in is nothing more than a copy, and she herself is no better. The real Alice is in a coma after hitting her head on the bottom of the pool.

As Alice explores her prison, she realizes that the hotel she’s stuck in isn’t exactly like the one she remembers. Everything here is older, and everywhere there are portraits of the same woman—an actress named Elizabeth Blackwell. When Alice discovers Elizabeth’s bloodstained diary, she finds herself delving into the hotel’s horrifying history, a never explained murder, and a curse from the 1800s that might still be intact. And if Alice can’t find a way to break the curse before it’s too late, her real body, still comatose in the hospital, will die.