Frequently Asked Questions

What format should my file be in?

I ask that you provide your manuscript as a Microsoft Word or RTF document. If you are unable to provide one of these file types, please still contact me. I may be able to work with what you have.

Will my files be secure after I submit them?

Yes. I only use your manuscript to create your ebook file. After the conversion is done and your ebook delivered, I will delete your original file from my server.

How soon will my ebook be ready?

My usual turn-around time is one week or less. If you need a rush job, I am able to provide a shorter turn-around for an additional fee.

Will my ebook look just like my manuscript?

Although your ebook design will mimic the look of the manuscript you provide, because of the nature of a reflowable ebook, I may tweak the design to better adapt it to a digital environment. I hand-code each book to ensure the best balance between design and cross-platform display.

Can I view my file on my computer?

Yes. If you want to look at your ebook on your computer, I recommend you open your epub file in iBooks. This program is available as a free download.

How will my file be delivered?

Your file will be delivered to you via email.

I have my files. What now?

Once you have your ebook files, it's fast and easy to publish on any number of online ebook stores. Get started selling on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Kobo with Kindle Direct Publishing, Nook Press, and Kobo Writing Life. These free services will help you upload your files and publish your book in a matter of minutes.

Are professional ebook conversions worth the cost?

Although you could upload a Microsoft Word Document directly to Amazon, the resulting book would have no linked table of contents, no navigation, and poor design. A professional ebook is easy to navigate, has functional design, works across platforms, and provides an excellent reading experience. Everyone's publishing needs are different, but a professionally made ebook is a good choice for anyone trying to set their book up for success.